Who we are

What is it?

The National Articulation of Ancestral Warriors Women (ANMIGA) is a large articulation of Indigenous Women from all biomes in Brazil, with knowledge, with traditions, with struggles that add up and converge, bringing together women mobilized to guarantee Indigenous rights and the life of our Peoples.

Who are we?

ANMIGA is composed of indigenous women, originally from the Earth. We know that the root of Brazil comes from us, from the womb of the Earth and from our ancestors. The Mother of Brazil is Indigenous. Brazil never existed and will never exist without us. ANMIGA is this articulation of rooted women, a national reference that dialogues and is connected and rooted within our bases, strengthening all women who are at the head of organizations being inside or outside the territory.

We understand the importance of political articulation of water-women in constant movement in the stream of struggles. We are the seeds of our ancestors, those who even before the social movement existed already had the traditional and ancestral movement that strengthens us and is present in our territorial body, reflected in our biomes, in our waters and in the seeds that paint, adorn and feed our bodies.

We are because our ancestors were. Indigenous women have always been present in movements: whether in more local movements on the ground of the territory or at the national level. Women in the communities: midwives, medicine women, shamans, leaders and cacicas. Since the 1980s until today.