For the life of women, WE FOR OURSELVES, for the children and elderly women, we march on!

The II Indigenous Women March will be held this Friday (10) and no longer on the morning of today, September 9th, as it was planned in the mobilization program, in Brasilia.

The decision aims to ensure the lives of women, elders, youth and children present at the mobilization that has been taking place since September 7th in the Brazilian federal capital, with the participation of over 5 thousand people from 172 peoples from all regions of the country.

Extremist, fascist and armed groups, many identified with shirts with Agro written on them, continue invading the Esplanada dos Ministérios, with the connivance of the Federal District government (GDF) and in support of Jair Bolsonaro. As a result, the Esplanada is blocked.

We are interested in knowing who is the agro financing these criminals? Who are the coup plotters who want at all costs to prevent the Federal Supreme Court from judging the case of the Ibirama-Laklãnõ Indigenous Land of the Xokleng people, which will definitely impact the land demarcation policy in Brazil?

We have come from all over the country to hold our women’s meeting, in a dialogue about our agendas and to follow what could be the most important judgment on indigenous rights in the country in decades. The Milestone thesis s a legal aberration, elaborated by those who finance these anti-democratic manifestations, and who at all costs, historically, try to silence our voice, subjugate our bodies, as they have done in the past.

All the eyes of the world are turned today towards Brazil, perplexed. The national and international press is following our mobilization, reporting all over the world our struggle and what may happen.

We will never accept that our women and people be subjected to such violence again! These chapters are pages from our historical past, which we are rewriting with our struggle from the ground of our territories.

The II Indigenous Women’s March will leave the camp tomorrow and take to the streets, with our bodies and our voices echoing in the struggle for justice, for freedom and for the demarcation of our sacred ancestral lands.

We will never accept the arbitrariness of the genocidal government. Bolsonaro out


Milestone Thesis No
Demarcation NOW

Articulação Nacional das Mulheres Indígenas Guerreiras da Ancestralidade – ANMIGA

Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil – APIB

APIB’s regional grassroot organizations:
APOINME – Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of the Northeast, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo
ARPIN SUDESTE – Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of the Southeast
ARPINSUL – Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of the South
ATY GUASU – Great Assembly of the Guarani people
Yvyrupa Guarani Commission
Council of the Terena people
COIAB – Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon