On the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, we were surprised with yet another sad news that kills part of us, our hearts bleed with such barbarity. Last week Daiana Kaingang was brutally murdered and butchered. Today (August 9) Raissa Guarani Kaiowá. Stop killing the bodies and future of our children and young people, when they ask us what our dreams are, it would be to have peace to sleep.

The National Articulation of Indigenous Women demands justice! We will not let it go unpunished and neither will they silence us. We fight for human dignity, fighting gender violence and so many other violations of rights. Violence practiced by a sick society cannot continue to be trivialized, naturalized, full of men without respect and human composure, savagery, disgust and macabrism. Anyone who commits such an atrocity to women who are daughters of the land, kills himself equally, kills Brazil as well.

But know, the HATE will not pass! After all, the violence practiced cannot go unpunished, our bodies can no longer stand to be torn apart over 521 years ago. That the dismembering project wielded by colonization has been violent to all of us, indigenous women for more than five centuries.

Stop killing us! For every murdered indigenous woman, a little of us dies.

Indigenous lives matter. We will scream every day, every moment, indigenous lives matter. And the lives of these Indigenous girls matter for their family, for their people. It matters to us indigenous women.

We demand justice!