For the life of women,
for the children and the elderly
For the life of humanity we are here

We Reforested Minds between 7 and 11 September in Brasilia

Million people reached on the networks
People camped in Brasilia
Indigenous peoples​
Indigenous peoples​

Reforestation of dreams, affections, gatherings, solidarity, ancestrality, collectivity and history.

The Indigenous women of Brazil, gathered and mobilized through the National Articulation of Indigenous Women Warriors of Ancestrality – ANMIGA, present to the world the Reflorestarmentes. This is a great call that we make to humanity, in an attempt to provide all the peoples of the world with a new possible way of relating to Mother Earth, and also to each other, the beings that live on her.

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Watch the march's broadcasts

10/09 - II Indigenous Women's March

Launch of the Reflorestarmentes

Follow up

05/09 | Launch of poetry in commemoration of the international day of indigenous women

Indigenous women from all over Brazil!

In September, we will arrive again in Brasilia from 7 to 11, with the second march of indigenous women with the theme “Ancestral women: Reforesting minds for the healing of the Earth”.

We can no longer bear so many atrocities and attacks on us. We are nations, peoples, women, Mil-lheres who can help humanity in a significant and unique way to overcome one of its great climatic and ecological crises towards the maintenance of life and the balance of Mother Earth.

The time has recovery again the Ancestrality of this country, to talk about the Brazil we dream of, and to dream of this new Brazil we need this reforestation of the minds of humanity.

International Day of Indigenous Women | Note by Anmiga
Participation of Anmiga in the Assembly of Guarani Kaiowá Indigenous Women
Participation in the act of the AMAZON DAY

Roundtable discussion with indigenous women from various BIOMES and the 6th Chamber of Coordination and Review of the Federal Public Ministry 

Arrival and welcoming of delegations

II National Indigenous Women Forum
08:30 am – Posthumous Memory of Raissa Guarani Kaiowá and Daiane Kaingan
09am – Opening ritual of the Biomas women
1pm – Hearing – dialogue with the Bioma women on access to rights: Violence, Social Rights and Human Rights
2pm – Follow up on the trial about the Milestone Thesis, in the main tent of the camp.

08:00 am – Dialogue and alignment of the day’s agenda, with the regionals by BIOMES
11:00am: Dialogue and sharing of knowledge with indigenous women from other countries
2pm – Follow up on the trial about the Milestone Thesis, in the main tent of the camp.
5pm – Statement from the organization of the II Indigenous Women’s March
7pm – Fashion Show, Decolonizing Fashion by ANMIGA, with the participation of other women from BIOMES.

08:00am – II Indigenous Women March
6.00 pm – Launch of ReforestarMentes

Return of the delegations to their places of origin

Summon the women of your village, and let's sound our maracas together!